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Saturday, August 4, 2012

{Review} OUTSYSTEM by Michael Cooper


An Aeon 14 Novel #1
by M.D. Cooper
Publication Date: July 9, 2012
Pages/Format: 250; Paperback & e-book
Source: Author

Someone is out to stop the GSS Intrepid, an interstellar colony ship, from being completed on schedule and beginning its journey to 82 Eridani. When anti-colonial activist groups are suspected, Major Tanis Richards, wrongfully disgraced officer in the field of military intelligence and counter insurgency, is brought onboard with all due haste.

Events in Tanis's past have motivated her to leave Sol and start a new life elsewhere. She soon discerns that more than simple activist groups are arrayed against the ship and its crew. There are corporations and governments that have a vested interest in ensuring that the Intrepid never leaves the Sol System.

Tanis tightens security and fights political red tape while running up against assassins and mercenaries sent to the stop her and the Intrepid at every turn. The new friends and relationships she forges strengthen her resolve to protect the ship and keep its crew and colonists safe as they endeavor to head outsystem.
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Michael Cooper's Outsystem is exactly what one would expect of a science-fiction novel, and more! The militaristic theme and subtle romance gives Outsystem enough to appeal to a wide variety of readers.

Tanis Richards is a strong and unmovable character whose tough attitude gives this story the right kind of edge. Not only is she intelligent, but she's on top of her game and the best in the field of security. The fact that Tanis is a woman with a high rank and respectable position speaks volumes about the relevance Outsystem has in this modern day, even though the novel is set light years from now. There are plenty of characters to move the story along, but once all their roles are defined it's easy to keep track of who's who. Being that there are so many characters introduced it doesn't always seem like there's enough interactions between them. The action actually outshines the secondary characters who journey with Tanis.

The plot is action-packed and filled with mystery and suspense. The energetic plot escalates to an unexpected cliff-hanger. With all that Tanis deals with in Outsystem, from violent threats on her life and the ship she's on, the Intrepid, to dealing with a tarnished reputation, it's believable that her story isn't over.

Outsystem is a serious read with humorous undertones. The fun is only half of what makes this sci-fi mystery an enjoyable and noteworthy read!

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